Commit 39df049a authored by Kevin Atkinson's avatar Kevin Atkinson

Allow running "prep" on existing tree in order to fix things up.

parent 6b886006
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ sub sys (@) {
if ($failed && $ops->{ok_exit_code}) {
$failed = 0 if $ret == $ops->{ok_exit_code};
die "ERROR: @_ failed\n" if $failed;
die "ERROR: @_ failed\n" if $failed && !$ops->{ignore_errors};
return $ret;
......@@ -251,12 +251,23 @@ sub auto_reset() {
my $op = shift @ARGV || '';
if ($op eq 'prep') {
die "Merge tree must not exist\n" if -e $merge_tree;
sys "git clone -sn . $merge_tree";
sys("git config rerere.enabled true");
if (-e $merge_tree) {
print "Fixing up existing merge tree...\n";
sys "git checkout `git rev-parse HEAD`";
sys {ignore_errors=>1}, "git branch -D $merge_branch";
} else {
sys "git clone -sn . $merge_tree";
sys "git config rerere.enabled true";
init("checkout -q -b $merge_branch");
sys "ln -s $source_tree/.merge-build";
sys "ln -s $source_tree/.merge-build" unless -e "$merge_tree/.merge-build";
print "Writing .git/info/exclude\n";
open F, ">.git/info/exclude";
print F ".merged\n";
print F ".merge-build\n";
close F;
} elsif ($op eq 'reset') {
sys "git fetch -q origin";
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