Commit 3984a270 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Save off more info after failure, for port-mortem.

This is going to cause some bloat, will revisit later.
parent 73279845
......@@ -1542,15 +1542,28 @@ sub cleanup()
(($logname), (defined($modnsfile) ? ($modnsfile) : ())))
unless $noemail;
# Save off state in failed directory for post-mortem. This is
# going to result in the directory expanding since I do not
# want to remove the old failure stuff. Need to come back to
# this later.
if (1) {
# Maybe use a feature?
system("/bin/cp -Rfp $workdir ${workdir}-failed");
else {
system("/bin/rm -rf ${workdir}-failed");
system("/bin/mv -f $workdir ${workdir}-failed");
if ($modifyHosed) {
# Copy off the workdir to the user directory, Then back up both of
# them for post-mortem debugging.
system("/bin/cp -Rfp $workdir/ $userdir/tbdata");
system("/bin/rm -rf ${workdir}-failed");
system("/bin/mv -f $workdir ${workdir}-failed");
system("/bin/rm -rf ${userdir}-failed");
system("/bin/mv -f $userdir ${userdir}-failed");
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