Commit 39772379 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Fix unitialized variable error when startexp fails really early,

before the /proj/pid/exp/eid dir is create.

Watch for transient NFS error that causes this directory to not be
removed, and send email.
parent bd0a7da4
......@@ -2612,9 +2612,14 @@ sub TBExptDestroy($$)
# okay since admin types should rarely end experiments in other projects.
print "Removing experiment directories ... \n";
if (system("/bin/rm -rf $userdir")) {
if (defined($userdir) && system("/bin/rm -rf $userdir")) {
print "*** WARNING: Not able to remove $userdir\n";
print " Someone will need to do this by hand.\n";
# NFS errors usually the result. Sometimes its cause there is
# someone in the directory, so its being held open.
libtestbed::SENDMAIL($TBOPS, "TBExptDestroy: Could not remove directory",
"Could not remove $userdir.\n".
"Someone will need to do this by hand.\n");
if (system("/bin/rm -rf $workdir")) {
print "*** WARNING: Not able to remove $workdir\n";
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