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Update TODO list with a few new things and some things I accomplished.

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......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
the queries that do not go through the common interface, and putting
in retry code.
LBS: Thu May 23 - Added some of Dave's suggestion from his email.
* Event system startup cost. Abhijeet reported that after ISUP, it
could take a very long time for events to start. This is because it
takes a really long time to process the event stream in event-sched
......@@ -111,20 +113,9 @@
operation, like Mike did for slice 4. This is to prevent problems
with people messing up the MBR.
* Web Interface Problem with unverified users who forgot their passwords.
The verification stuff needs some work, as does the password stuff,
which retains some of its structure from when we had to deal with
frames. This is mostly a cleanup operation that I can do in a day or
Dave also requested that we get rid of . from the verification key
* Dave requested that we get rid of . from the verification key
when it falls at the end so as not to be confused with period.
Also includes suggestion from Dave to make verification a web link
instead of form. So, send them a URL that when clicked verifies
them. This would be a good user interface addition, and not too hard
after the above cleanup.
* Daily experiment stats report sent by email. To include such things
......@@ -201,10 +192,6 @@
* Add permission check to eventsys_control and install on ops so that
users can start/stop/replay the event stream.
* Change approve/verify stuff so that project leader does not see
email or new users on approval page until they verify themselves.
Would need to change email too.
* Link on web pages to pop up an ssh to a node. Perhaps do this by
usurping the telnet client.
......@@ -257,3 +244,5 @@
2) Without logging out, went to
This got me the message "The document contained no data" from Netscape.
* When you're only a part of one project, could that project be the default
value for the "choose a project" dropdown in "begin an experiment"?
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