Commit 38e61d6d authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Make diskspace unlimited (i.e., inherit from underlying volume, I assume).

Also create var/emulab/boot in the guest -- this should make it possible
to boot any fedora-like guest image, even if it hasn't been emulabized.
However, we need to also add support for the debian way of configuring
parent 39e5017b
......@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@ sub vz_vnodeCreate {
# set some resource limits:
my %deflimits = ( "diskinodes" => "unlimited:unlimited",
#"diskspace" => "8G:8G",
"diskspace" => "unlimited:unlimited",
"numproc" => "unlimited:unlimited",
"numtcpsock" => "unlimited:unlimited",
"numothersock" => "unlimited:unlimited",
......@@ -712,6 +712,16 @@ sub vz_vnodeCreate {
# undesireable side effects, but need it for now.
mysystem("$VZCTL set $vmid --capability net_admin:on --save");
# Make some directories in case the guest doesn't have them -- the elab
# mount and umount vz scripts need them to be there!
my $privroot = "/vz/private/$vnode_id";
if ($DOLVM) {
$privroot = "/mnt/$vnode_id/private";
mysystem("mkdir -p $privroot/var/emulab/boot/");
# NOTE: we can't ever umount the LVM logical device because vzlist can't
# return status appropriately if a VM's root and private areas don't
# exist.
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