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......@@ -286,32 +286,14 @@ Setting up an InstaGeni Rack. First, we need the following info:
sudo sh /usr/testbed/etc/
* NOTE: scripted ssh key upload broke in the new iLo, which the script
above used to take care of. So now we need to upload the root ssh
key to each node's ilo using the web interface instead. The above
command happily changed all the passwords so they are now the same
so that makes it a little easier. Use this key:
Install the key into BOTH the ELABMAN and ADMINISTRATOR accounts!!!!!
Do this for all five pcs *and* the control node.
After you have installed the keys, do this:
sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/ -b pc1
sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/ -b pc2
sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/ -b pc3
sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/ -b pc4
sudo /usr/testbed/sbin/ -b pc5
* The above command resets the ilo, so lets play the minute waltz, maybe
* Now you have to log into all of the consoles and change the BIOS
so that the disk controller is SATA AHCI instead of the raid controller.
* Now we power on all of the nodes.
sudo wap power on pc1 pc2 pc3 pc4 pc5
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