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Commit 36b28ce7 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Add a "firewallable" desire to all nodes behind a firewall.

This way we can specify node_type_features for types that can be firewalled.

Right now that means that they can be powered off, which pcwifi's cannot be.
parent 7a3a7bf9
......@@ -417,6 +417,14 @@ Simulator instproc run {} {
# If the experiment is firewalled, make sure that all nodes in the
# experiment have the "firewallable" feature.
if {[array size firewall_list] > 0} {
foreach node [lsort [array names node_list]] {
$node add-desire "firewallable" 1.0
# Default sync server.
set default_sync_server {}
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