Commit 36a048ec authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Fix for using Mothership system images with the wrong domain. We used to

handle this, but I lost it in the recent image cleanup. Note that this
will need adjusting if/when we decide to make system images non
global (and thus require a credential).
parent 4d166f42
......@@ -293,13 +293,22 @@ sub MapToLocalImage($$$$@)
my ($blob, $url);
# Short circuit special images (generic,mfs,etc). Permission checks
# will be handled later.
# Short circuit some local cases. Permission checks will be handled later.
if ($ospid eq TBOPSPID()) {
my $image = OSImage->Lookup($ospid, $osname);
return $image
if (defined($image) && !$image->isImage());
if (defined($image)) {
# Generic, MFS, etc.
return $image
if (!$image->isImage());
# Return the image if its global. If not global and needed a
# credential, we want to fall through. But that will break on
# the case that the domain in the image URN is wrong and using
# the image tracker. Will deal with that later.
return $image
if ($image->global());
if ($use_imagetracker) {
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