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Update and checkpoint.

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......@@ -128,6 +128,8 @@
that saves the virt state so it can be visualized, and later swapped
in. Or perhaps this is an experiment create option.
LBS: I added this, but its still an admin option.
* Change hardwired degree 4 for vrons->rons to more flexible DB
management. Related would be dynamic creation of virtual nodes
instead of hardwired entries in the nodes table, but thats a lot of
......@@ -142,10 +144,6 @@
result of assign_wrapper. Most users have no idea why an experiment
* Fix RPC power controller, which was failing on long strings, as
reported by Mike.
(Done by Rob on May 21).
* Add some kind of host table support to RON nodes so that programs
can figure out IPs. This is going to be a pain.
......@@ -156,9 +154,13 @@
management tools to see of we can leverage something from them,
especially for widearea nodes.
LBS: I did this. See message to tbops.
* Add frontend syntax to control (widearea) solver weights. delay,
bandwidth, plr.
LBS: I did this, but Jay wants normalized numbers
* Setup the other RON nodes at MIT.
* Find/Fix mysterious capture deaths.
......@@ -166,26 +168,25 @@
* Web option to become another user (su). Might be possible after I
clean up the auth stuff in the web page.
* Get the tape library up and running. This involves setting up a
Linux box to run the library, installing the software, etc., etc.
* Bring in a bug tracking system we can use from the web interface.
Need someone to look around for this. I hate GNATS!
Rob mentioned RT (
* CDROM installation of nodes.
* Retry/reliability to tmcd from ron nodes.
* Retry/reliability to tmcd from ron nodes.
*** Minor:
LBS: I have been working on this.
* Fix up updown page. Get rid of virtual nodes. Move Sharks to the
bottom, or get rid of them all together. Mike, what do you think?
*** Minor:
* Frisbee work. Mike/Rob reported that Frisbee "rocks" up to about
50-60 nodes, and then goes south in a hurry. I reported a couple of
optimizations in email that we could apply.
* Add support for ssh protocol 2 rsa/dsa keys. Requires minor changes
to mkacct, and the three web pages that parse the keys.
* Move log files into experiment directory so that we can retain them
for debugging. Right now the go to /tmp and get deleted when done.
Could also add a web link to view the most recent log file. Related
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