Commit 35a1f30c authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Remove nocollob and islocal test for calling genelists; we always

want to do this, since we want all users in the system email lists.
parent 250767c5
......@@ -495,6 +495,14 @@ sub AddUser()
if ($user ne $PROTOUSER && system("$ADDKEY -i $user")) {
fatal("Could not generate initial ssh key for $user");
# And the mailman lists if enabled. All users must get this cause
# mailman is used for project mail lists. when MAILMANSUPPORT=1
system("$ADDMMUSER $user")
if ($isnonlocal) {
$EUID = 0;
goto skipstuff;
......@@ -543,10 +551,6 @@ sub AddUser()
system("$ADDCHATUSER $user")
if ($CHATSUPPORT && $user ne $PROTOUSER);
# And the mailman lists if enabled.
system("$ADDMMUSER $user")
# And to the trac system if enabled.
system("$ADDTRACUSER $user")
if ($TRACSUPPORT && $user ne $PROTOUSER);
......@@ -361,8 +361,7 @@ foreach my $token (@remlist) {
# Call genelists, but just when adding or modifying. For deletion, it
# is handled above.
if ((@addlist || @modlist) &&
!($target_user->IsNonLocal() || $target_user->nocollabtools())) {
if (@addlist || @modlist) {
print "Updating email lists for user $user\n";
system("$GENELISTS $optarg -u $user") == 0 or
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