Commit 34cada47 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish
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Cygwin needs an explicit EXE after executables referenced as files.

parent 45e3349f
......@@ -83,10 +83,10 @@ common-script-install: dir-install
(cd config; $(MAKE) script-install)
symlinks: dir-install
rm -f $(TBBINDIR)/tevc
ln -s $(CLIENT_BINDIR)/tevc $(TBBINDIR)/tevc
rm -f $(TBBINDIR)/emulab-sync
ln -s $(CLIENT_BINDIR)/emulab-sync $(TBBINDIR)/emulab-sync
rm -f $(TBBINDIR)/tevc$(EXE)
ln -s $(CLIENT_BINDIR)/tevc$(EXE) $(TBBINDIR)/tevc$(EXE)
rm -f $(TBBINDIR)/emulab-sync$(EXE)
ln -s $(CLIENT_BINDIR)/emulab-sync$(EXE) $(TBBINDIR)/emulab-sync$(EXE)
rm -f $(TBLIBDIR)
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