Commit 34b10294 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Comment out lines in syslog.conf that send messages to logged in "root"

users.  These messages were appearing in linktest output to users because
the linktest proxy runs on ops as root with a "full" tty ("-t -t") which
apparently makes it look like a logged in user.

Since no one logs in as root on ops, there was no legit recipient for these
messages anyway.  Since the messasge all go to log files, I don't think we
are losing anything.
parent 7962bca1
......@@ -410,6 +410,18 @@ Phase "syslog", "Setting up syslog", sub {
if ($line =~ /^[^#].*$pat/) {
$line =~ s/($pat)/\;$LOGFACIL.none$1/;
# XXX don't send anything to logged in root users.
# Per-user linktest proxies run on ops as root in a "full"
# ssh ("-t -t") which appears as a login shell. Thus the
# linktest output given to the user might include syslog
# messages.
if ($line =~ /root$/) {
$line =~ s/^/#/;
print SC $line;
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