Commit 348b15f0 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Add check for /etc/emulab.ikey which allows a onetime install using

the privkey in that file. Requested by Dave so that his RON nodes
would not require any human intervention.
Also add nosuid option to slicex mount line in fstab.
parent 04219dbf
......@@ -58,6 +58,8 @@ my $cdkeyfile = "$etcdir/emulab.cdkey";
my $setupconfig = "$etcdir/emulab-setup.txt";
my $softconfig = "$etcdir/emulab-soft.txt";
my $privkeyfile = "$etcdir/emulab.pkey";
# Good for onetime install without being prompted! See note below.
my $installkey = "$etcdir/emulab.ikey";
my $tbboot = "tbbootconfig";
my $wget = "wget";
my $tempdevice = "s2c";
......@@ -523,12 +525,27 @@ sub GetInstructions()
$privkey = `$tbboot -e - $rawbootdisk`;
else {
# We allow for the initial install key to be on the CDROM.
# Its only good for one install though! It will be rejected
# if its tried again. Thats not so bad though; it just means
# that if the disk gets totally scrogged we need to edit the
# DB state slightly to allow the key to be used. That would
# be on demand!
if (-s $installkey) {
$privkey = `cat $installkey`;
else {
while (!defined($privkey)) {
$privkey = Prompt("Please enter your 16 character CD password".
$privkey =
Prompt("Please enter your 16 character CD password".
" (no spaces)", undef);
while (1) {
print "Checking in at Netbed Central for instructions ...\n";
......@@ -869,7 +886,7 @@ sub LocalizeRoot()
print $ED "\$\n";
print $ED "a\n";
print $ED "/dev/${blockdevice}${slicexdev}\t\t$slicex_mount\t\t".
print $ED ".\n";
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