Commit 340f1861 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Fix a xenmode() bug exposed by a race condition.

The bug was that, even when the console pty device does not change,
we still need to re-open the device since our caller has closed it.

The race is that, on starting a domU, xenstore may briefly report the
wrong device before finally reporting the correct one.

On first call to xenmode, we recover from the race because we catch the
attempt to open the non-existent device, but then when we retry the
xenmode and we get back the same pty name, we would not do the open
and the caller would then do a select/read on a closed fd. That is a
fatal error. Now xenmode will report an error when it trys to reopen
the bad pty and we will just keep calling xenmode until we finally get
the right device.

In theory.
parent 8db4a8a9
......@@ -1131,6 +1131,7 @@ capture(void)
if (remotemode || programmode || xendomain) {
FD_CLR(devfd, &sfds);
devfd = -1;
if (remotemode) {
warning("remote socket closed;"
" attempting to reconnect");
......@@ -1154,8 +1155,9 @@ capture(void)
else {
warning("xen console pty closed;"
" attempting to reopen");
warning("xen console %s closed;"
" attempting to reopen",
if (xsfd >= 0)
FD_CLR(xsfd, &sfds);
while (xenmode(1) != 0)
......@@ -1167,9 +1169,11 @@ capture(void)
fdcount = xsfd + 1;
FD_SET(devfd, &sfds);
if (devfd >= fdcount)
fdcount = devfd + 1;
if (devfd >= 0) {
FD_SET(devfd, &sfds);
if (devfd >= fdcount)
fdcount = devfd + 1;
......@@ -2185,14 +2189,21 @@ xenmode(int isrestart)
if (Devname && strcmp(pty, Devname) != 0) {
if (devfd >= 0) {
if (devfd >= 0)
Devname = newstr(pty);
"%s (domid %d) using '%s'", xendomain, domid, Devname);
if (rawmode(Devname, speed))
return -1;
"%s (domid %d) using '%s' (%d)",
xendomain, domid, Devname, devfd);
} else if (isrestart && Devname) {
/* XXX devfd may have been closed before call, must reopen */
if (devfd < 0 && rawmode(Devname, speed))
return -1;
"%s (domid %d) re-using '%s' (%d)",
xendomain, domid, Devname, devfd);
return 0;
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