Commit 340c5767 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Do not put the manifest into AM SliverStatus(); bloats the return

value beyond reasonable size.
parent e5d4b27a
......@@ -539,24 +539,6 @@ sub SliverStatus()
if (!defined($sliver));
# Put manifest info in...
my $manifest = $sliver->GetManifest(0);
if (0) {
# An example of how to include a single element from the
# manifest. Abondoned this approach and went to XmlToJson
# instead. Finds the "login", then the "hostname" inside
# the rspec
my $login = GeniXML::FindNodes(".//n:services//n:login", $manifest);
if (defined($login)) {
my $login = @$login[0];
my $host = GeniXML::GetText("hostname", $login);
if (defined($host)) {
$child->{'pg_hostname'} = $host;
$child->{'pg_manifest'} = XmlToJson($manifest);
#$child->{'pg_xml_manifest'} = GeniXML::Serialize($manifest);
push @children, $child;
$status->{'geni_resources'} = \@children;
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