Commit 33ecbe1a authored by Austin Clements's avatar Austin Clements
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Cleaned this up so it no longer has special cases for nodes without a

plabname file.
parent fc8611ee
...@@ -25,20 +25,9 @@ ...@@ -25,20 +25,9 @@
if [ -e /var/emulab/boot/plabname ]; then if [ -e /var/emulab/boot/plabname ]; then
VNODEID=`cat /var/emulab/boot/plabname`; VNODEID=`cat /var/emulab/boot/plabname`;
elif [ -e /etc/vnodeid ]; then
VNODEID=`cat /etc/vnodeid`;
else else
# XXX Super-kludge to figure out vnodeid if unpacked by hand echo "Vnodeid must be stored in /var/emulab/boot/plabname"
# Only works on Flux Plab nodes exit 1;
VNODEID=`hostname -s | sed -e 's/planetlab\(.\)/pcplab\1/'`
if [ -e /home/utah6 ]; then
elif [ -e /home/utah7 ]; then
echo Must run as utah6 or utah7 or be setup by Emulab svm
exit 1;
fi fi
# See how we were called. # See how we were called.
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