Commit 33684b39 authored by Grant Ayers's avatar Grant Ayers
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Changed bottom images to new cluster

parent 3e259a80
......@@ -190,10 +190,10 @@ and the <a href = "">Georgia Tech</a>
<a href='pix/side-crop-big.jpg'>
<img src='pix/side-crop-smaller.jpg' align=right /></a>
<a href='tutorial/webcam-ss.gif'>
<img src='pix/robots-small.jpg' align=right /></a>
<a href='pix/pc3k-back.jpg'>
<img src='pix/pc3k-back-thumb.jpg' align=right /></a>
<a href='pix/pc3k-front.jpg'>
<img src='pix/pc3k-front-thumb.jpg' align=right /></a>
<h3>Links to help you get started:</h3>
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