Commit 32f09071 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Another shellinbox bug fix; do not copy svg html, but move

the actual DOM instead. The copy resulted in the click handlers
being lost. Seems odd, but this is more efficient anyway.
parent a261bebb
......@@ -374,21 +374,24 @@ function NewSSHTab(hostport, client_id)
// On first ssh, we convert the topo div into a tabs array,
// and place each ssh session as a new tab.
// and place each ssh session as a new tab. The original svg
// DOM is saved and then moved into the new fragment.
if (! $("#quicktabs").length) {
// SVG DOM fragment.
var svg = $('#showtopo_statuspage>svg');
var html =
"<ul id='quicktabs' class='nav nav-tabs'>\n" +
" <li><a href='#profile' data-toggle='tab'>Profile</a></li>\n" +
"</ul>\n" +
"<div id='quicktabs_content' class='tab-content'>\n" +
" <div class='tab-pane' id='profile'>" +
" <div id='showtopo_statuspage'>\n" +
$('#showtopo_statuspage').html() +
" </div>\n" +
" <div class='tab-pane' id='profile'>\n" +
" <div id='showtopo_statuspage'></div>\n" +
" </div>\n" +
// Need to create the tab before we can create the topo, since
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