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Make the node-hours popup much less verbose

Since we use it in a few places, this is not the right place to talk
about policies in terms of longer extensions, etc.; that will be done in
the actual places they request extensions.
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......@@ -7,25 +7,13 @@
data-dismiss='modal' aria-hidden='true'>&times;</button>
We tell you your node usage in terms of <em>node hours</em>; the
number of nodes you are using multiplied by the number of hours
you have been using those nodes. We feel this is the best way to
tell you how much of the testbed your are using.
Usage is tracked in terms of <em>node hours</em>: the number of nodes
multiplied by the number of hours they are allocated.
<b>Large numbers are warning signs</b>; many experiments (not all
of course) can be performed in less then a week or month. It also
informs our decisions when you request an extension; users who
are performing small experiments or short experiments will
typically be granted extensions without much fuss. Users who have
been consuming large amounts of resources will be required to
justify their usage to us, and in extreme cases (say, if the
testbed is in high demand) might not be granted extensions.
You can always find your current usage by clicking on <b>My
Experiments</b> in the <b>Actions</b> menu. You can view
your historical usage by clicking on <b>My History</b>.
You can find your current usage by selecting <b>My
Experiments</b> from the <b>Actions</b> menu. You can view
your historical usage by selecting <b>My History</b>.
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