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In Memorium for Jay

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......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@ require("defs.php3");
$optargs = OptionalPageArguments("stayhome", PAGEARG_BOOLEAN);
# Temp for In Memorium.
$stayhome = 1;
# The point of this is to redirect logged in users to their My Emulab
# page.
......@@ -59,6 +62,26 @@ if ($message != "") {
<center><b><font color=red size=+1>In Memoriam</font></b></center>
We are
<a href=''>sad to report</a>
that Jay Lepreau, Research Professor and Director
of the Flux Research Group, passed away Monday morning Sept 15th due to
complications of cancer. Jay was an enthusiastic and productive
researcher, a dedicated mentor of students and staff, and an avid
participant in recreational activities such as music and outdoor
sports. His loss will be felt by all who knew him, both within the
computer science community and elsewhere.
Please be assured that we plan to carry on the vision for Emulab that
we shared with Jay, and that operation and development of the Utah
Emulab facility and the Emulab software will continue.
<em>Emulab</em> is a network testbed, giving researchers a wide range of
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