Commit 31d10086 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish
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Move some stuff I've been doing manually into the prepare script.

parent be6fa2d5
......@@ -67,9 +67,22 @@ foreach my $dbfile (@DBFILES) {
# Stop anything holding a logfile open which we will want to remove below.
print "Stopping the watchdog ...\n";
system("$BINDIR/watchdog stop");
print "Stopping the program-agent ...\n";
system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.progagent shutdown");
print "Stopping emulab-syncd ...\n";
system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.syncserver shutdown");
print "Stopping slothd ...\n";
system("$BINDIR/rc/rc.slothd stop");
print "Stopping evproxy ...\n";
my $file = "/var/run/";
system("kill `cat $file`")
if (-f $file && -s $file);
# Logfiles.
print "Cleaning logfiles ...\n";
opendir(LOG,$LOGDIR) or
die("Could not open directory $LOGDIR: $!");
......@@ -169,3 +182,21 @@ while ($dirent = readdir(ETC)) {
print "Updating /etc/motd.\n";
if (open(MOTD, ">/etc/motd")) {
open(UNAME, "uname -sr |");
my $uname = <UNAME>;
chomp $uname;
print MOTD "Windows-XP + " . $uname . " updated " . localtime();
print MOTD "\n\nWelcome to Windows in Emulab!\n\n";
else {
warn("Could not open /etc/motd!\n");
print "Cleaning out sp2 & Windows Update dirs.\n";
system("du -s -m C:/WINDOWS/\\\$*");
system("rm -rf C:/WINDOWS/\\\$*");
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