Commit 3186d966 authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson

Fix some bugs in linux rc.frisbee implementation

- Keep from looping forever if we don't get loadinfo data
- Fix zapsuperblocks; make it use files under /sys instead of calling
  /sbin/fdisk (I long ago gave up trying to make rc.frisbee compatible
  with both FreeBSD and Linux).
parent 6fa4eb8a
......@@ -101,44 +101,26 @@ find_disks() {
local disks
for d in /sys/block/[sh]d*; do
disks="$disks $d"
disks="$disks ${d##*/}"
echo $disks
# Function to zero all potential superblocks in the DOS partitions that
# could interfere with the OSes on the image being loaded.
# FreeBSD 4 or 5 goes out of its way to make this hard. In FBSD4, we
# cannot overwrite the beginning of partitions that have a legit superblock.
# In FBSD5, DOS partitions that have a zero type cannot even be accessed.
# So we have to use the whole-disk special file using offsets extracted
# via fdisk. This is unnecessary with Linux, but it's easier just to do it
# the same way on both OSs rather than have special-case code.
# Wipe out the superblocks on any partitions by zeroing the first 16 sectors.
# This implementation doesn't suffer the limitations of the FreeBSD one in that:
# A) All partitions get zapped, even if not DOS MBR partitions
# B) We can zap the partition device since Linux isn't overprotective of superblocks,
# unlike FreeBSD.
local disk=$1
local offsets=''
offsets=`echo -e 'u\np\nq' | fdisk $disk 2> /dev/null | \
sed -n "s#^${disk}[0-9]* *. *[0-9]* *\([0-9]*\).*\\$#\1#p"`
if [ x"$offs" = x ]; then
return 0
echo -n "Invalidating old potential superblocks: "
for off in $offsets; do
echo -n "$off "
dd if=/dev/zero of=$disk seek=$off bs=512 count=16 > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
echo "WARNING: failed to invalidate $off"
local disk=${1##*/}
echo "Invalidating old potential superblocks on $disk"
partitions=`echo /sys/block/$disk/$disk* 2>/dev/null`
for part in $partitions; do
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/${part##*/} bs=512 count=16 > /dev/null 2>&1
echo ""
return 0
......@@ -360,6 +342,11 @@ get_loadinfo()
sleep 1
time=$(( $time - 1 ))
if [ $time -eq 0 ]; then
return 1
return 0
# See if we can map drive names to BIOS numbers via EDD
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