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Add a description of what image-test is to the README.

Also, add note about how image test handles temp. resource shortage
(ie doesn't).
parent 89eebf88
Image test is a utility with takes a specified image, and then runs a
set of standard experiments on the image. Each experiment consists of
an Emulab experiment which is designed to test specific functionally
on an image, such as static routing. After an experiment is swapped
in it runs a number tests on the experiment to check that everything
is working.
Checkout a copy of the image-test directory into the /proj/PID/ directory,
......@@ -58,6 +65,12 @@ Setting -m sets a soft limit to the number of nodes to use. To set a
hard limit use "-M NUM". If an experiment will use more nodes than NUM
it will simply not be run.
NOTE: Image test does not currently handle temporary resource shortage
(ie not enough pcs) in an intelligent manner, thus it is best to set
NUM to something smaller than the number of PCs currently available.
Otherwise, you will have failed tests due to not being able to swap
the experient in.
If an experiment fails to swap out, the number of available nodes will
decrees, but other experiments will continue to run as long as there
are enough nodes left. If there is only a soft limit all the
......@@ -221,3 +234,4 @@ and extra whitespace are ignored, as well as anything after the "#"
Like with the experiments specified on the command line a base name of
an experiment may also be specified.
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