Commit 31194490 authored by Shashi Guruprasad's avatar Shashi Guruprasad
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Changes due to the moving of NSE image from testbed project to emulab-ops.

Also made the image and osid shared so that it works for any emulab user
who swaps in an experiment. Before this, swapping an nse expt would have
failed but since no uses it, we never had any problem!
parent d803b180
......@@ -1407,7 +1407,7 @@ foreach $pair (@nodepairs) {
# choose FBSD-STD and static routing
if( defined($nodes{$vnode}) && $nodes{$vnode} eq "sim" ) {
my $nsenodeosid = TBOSID("testbed", "FBSD45-NSE" );
my $nsenodeosid = TBOSID("emulab-ops", "FBSD45-NSE" );
system("os_select $nsenodeosid $pnode");
DBQueryFatal("UPDATE nodes set def_boot_cmd_line=''," .
" startstatus='none'," .
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