Commit 30b6fe64 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Fix a nit with parsing mount command output.

When we split the option list, all but the first option would have a
leading space. Fortunately, "nfs" is always the first option.
parent 6a4c2c0b
......@@ -848,7 +848,8 @@ sub isMounted($)
while (<MOUNT>) {
if ($_ =~ /^([-\w\.\/:\(\)]+) on ([-\w\.\/]+) \((.*)\)$/) {
# Search for nfs string in the option list.
foreach my $opt (split(',', $3)) {
# N.B. there may be a space after the comma in the list
foreach my $opt (split(/, ?/, $3)) {
if ($opt eq "nfs" && $2 eq $dir) {
$rval = 1;
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