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Commit 30975e70 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Change snmpit -O behavior

It's no longer necessary to specify '-l -l' when listing orphaned
VLANs, -O implies wanting to see VLANs that aren't in the database.
parent 16927c97
......@@ -1142,8 +1142,9 @@ $vlan_id,$ddep, $pideid, $vname, $members
my $vlan = VLan->Lookup($vlan_id);
if (!defined($vlan)) {
&debug("No such VLAN $vlan_id in lans table\n");
if ($opt{l} == 1);
# Only print unknown VLANs if -l was given twice, or the
# -O option was given
next unless ($opt{l} > 1 || $opt{O});
$vname = $vlan_id;
$experiment = undef;
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