Commit 2d1db497 authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig

Fix for Issue #75

The topology button now opens Jacks as read-only if editing a profile created with a TCL/Python script.
parent a13079a6
......@@ -127,9 +127,10 @@ function (_, sup, filesize, JacksEditor, ShowImagingModal, moment, aptforms,
var waitwait_html = waitwaitTemplate({});
var showtopo_html = showtopoTemplate({});
var isViewer = gotscript;
editor = new JacksEditor($('#editmodal_div'),
false, false, false, false, !multisite);
isViewer, false, false, false, !multisite);
var renderer_html = rendererTemplate({});
var oops_html = oopsTemplate({});
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