Commit 2c880480 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Fix up perm check to be like web page. Hope it works!

parent 39ae19c8
......@@ -110,15 +110,10 @@ else {
# Figure out who called us. Only root, people with admin status
# in the DB, or the owner of the experiment can run this script.
if ($UID && !TBAdmin($UID)) {
my ($me) = getpwuid($UID)
or die "$UID not in passwd file";
my $leader = ExpLeader($pid, $eid);
if ($me ne $leader) {
die("os_setup: You must be root or a TB administrator\n");
if ($UID && !TBAdmin($UID) &&
!TBExptAccessCheck($UID, $pid, $eid, TB_EXPT_MODIFY)) {
die("*** $0:\n".
" You do not have permission to swap this experiment!\n");
TBDebugTimeStamp("os_setup started");
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