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Add commment about proper pub/priv key policy.

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......@@ -28,11 +28,36 @@ When you first visit Emulab, you might be asked if you want to accept
the <i>server certificate</i>. Be sure to accept it!
<a NAME="SSH"></a>
We require all users to use Secure Shell (SSH) to log into Emulab
nodes. Experience has taught us a few things about managing keys
which we will pass on to you at no extra charge:
<li> You should <b>not</b> store your Emulab public key
(.ssh/ in your authorized_keys file on remote
sites. This prevents easy logins from Emulab to your remote sites
in case your Emulab account is ever compromised (since the Emulab
generated private key is not protected by a passphrase).
<li> We recommend that you use ssh's RSA authentication to login to
Emulab so that you do not have to type your password. The less
often you type your password the better! You do this by uploading
your own public keys to Emulab.
<li> When you create your private keys (ssh-keygen), pick a good passphrase!
They can be (much) longer than Unix passwords; 10 to 30 character
phrases are good.
<li> You should <b>not</b> copy ssh identity files (private keys) from
other places to Emulab (or any other off-site machine, for that
matter). Private keys should always be well protected!
<h3>Email Addresses</h3>
......@@ -47,7 +72,9 @@ addresses. Redirections and anonymous email addresses are not allowed.
We employ a password checking library to prevent users from choosing
passwords that could be guessed by the "Crack" library. A few basic
rules are that standard english dictionary words are not permitted, as
well as anything deemed too short or easily guessable.
well as anything deemed too short or easily guessable. Also, you
should take care not to use the same password on Emulab that you use
at other sites.
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