Commit 2b3d5777 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Merge remote branch 'central/master'

parents 91b465cc 8e8ff4ef
......@@ -328,7 +328,19 @@ while (1) {
while ($now >= $deadline && $node ne "") {
info("POP: $node in ".($deadline-$now).", queue=".qsize()."\n");
# If the node is no longer in the nodes array, it was most
# likely a dynamic virtual node which is now gone. Ignore.
# Need to look at reload() to see if we can catch this earlier.
if (exists($nodes{$node})) {
else {
info("POP: $node is no longer in the nodes array. Skipping\n");
if (exists($timeout_tag{$node}));
if (0) { qshow(); }
if (qhead($deadline,$node)) {
$deadline=0; $node="";
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