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Updated links to TRAC wiki and sources of information.

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......@@ -19,7 +19,9 @@ It is our intention to make new snapshots frequently, in the future.
XXX See doc/setup.txt.
The Emulab installation documentation is located on the main Emulab Wiki.
This source currently only builds on FreeBSD, and requires several packages;
the dependencies can be found in the Makefile for our 'meta-port's:
......@@ -31,7 +33,7 @@ The upcoming 5.0 release (intention to be in July 2008) will have better
support for people upgrading existing Emulabs. We recommend you wait
for that; do not expect us to help much if you use this release.
XXX If you insist, start by looking at doc/update-testbed.txt.
If you insist, start by looking at doc/update-testbed.txt.
......@@ -61,26 +63,24 @@ available to all users who interact with the software through a network.
We are in the process of moving our documentation to the Emulab wiki at
This should be considered the primary source of information.
doc/* contains documentation for developers.
www/*.html and www/doc/*.html contain end-user documentation.
Good places to start would include:
Other good places to start would include:
- The search box at for the absolute latest FAQs and info
- The doc/papers directory, which contains papers published about Emulab
- The user tutorial (www/tutorial/tutorial.html)
- The user FAQ (www/faq.html)
- The user authorization document (www/auth.html)
- Some powerpoint slides on Emulab internals, found at:
These include two files especially useful for setting up your own
testbed: "build-operate.ppt" and the first part of "security-all.ppt".
- Software architecture preliminary diagram (doc/
- Notes on the source tree and architecture (doc/arch.txt)
- Overview of some major systems (doc/overview.txt)
- Diagrams and brief explanations of the state machines used in the
system (www/doc/states.html and www/doc/*.gif)
- The instructions for building a running system from scratch
- Mail we have exchanged with others about hardware recommendations
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