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Commit 29ee2d04 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Bump up the maximum line size for lines in the ptop file, and make

errors in the ptop file immediately fatal - we were somehow getting
into a state where the istream for the file was returning !eof, but
reading data from it got only empty strings.
parent b537b0ff
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ using namespace boost;
extern name_pvertex_map pname2vertex;
extern name_count_map ptypes;
#define ptop_error(s) errors++;cout << "PTOP:" << line << ": " << s << endl
#define ptop_error(s) errors++;cout << "PTOP:" << line << ": " << s << endl; exit(EXIT_FATAL)
#define ptop_error_noline(s) errors++;cout << "PTOP: " << s << endl
// Used to do late binding of subnode names to pnodes, so that we're no
......@@ -54,12 +54,12 @@ int parse_ptop(tb_pgraph &PG, tb_sgraph &SG, istream& i)
int num_nodes = 0;
int line=0,errors=0;
char inbuf[4096];
char inbuf[16384];
string_vector parsed_line;
while (!i.eof()) {
parsed_line = split_line(inbuf,' ');
if (parsed_line.size() == 0) {continue;}
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