Commit 29403fd8 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Added some comments to explain some of the things that will need to be changed

to use these scripts for future nodes/outside Utah
parent 0e16f3f0
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
#, a new script to harvest BIOS version numbers (for BIOSen that
# print their version number to the serial console) from cature logs. It prints
# out SQL commands to update the database stdout. You'll want to change the
# parseVersion function, especially the regular expression in it, to match the
# BIOS version string printed by your machines' BIOS
if (@ARGV != 3) {
die "Usage: $0 <start_node> <end_node> <start_file>\n";
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
#, a new script to harvest MAC address (as printed out by Mike's
# 'showmac' kernel) from cature logs. It prints out SQL commands to insert the
# addresses to stdout. Change the values in the '#defines' section below
# depeding on the nodes you're harvesting info for.
if (@ARGV != 3) {
die "Usage: $0 <start_node> <end_node> <start_file>\n";
......@@ -17,10 +22,18 @@ my $IPalias = "NULL";
my $currentSpeed = 100;
my $duplex = "full";
# Which of the interfaces (as printed by showmac) is the control net
my $controlInterface = 0;
# Subnet for the control net
my $subnet = "155.101.132.";
# Mapping of interface numbers, as printed by the showmac kernel, to
# cannonical database order. For example, on Utah's pc850's, what
# showmac reports as eth0 is saved as eth2 in the database (since this
# is its name under Linux 2.4.x
my %cardmap = ( 0 => 2, 1 => 3, 2 => 4, 3 => 0, 4 => 1);
# end of '#defines'
$startNode =~ /^(\D+)(\d+)$/;
my ($nodeType,$startNum) = ($1,$2);
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