Commit 27f3f38d authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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Set up plotting scripts.

parent 42d43804
......@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ g++ -O3 -o bin/routestat -L${EXTRA_LIB_PATH} tmp/routestat.o tmp/bitmath.o -lmet
g++ -O3 -o bin/routecalc src/
g++ -o bin/difference src/
g++ -o bin/add-x src/
g++ -o bin/inet2graph src/ -lm
g++ -o bin/brite2graph src/ -lm
g++ -o bin/top2graph src/ -lm
bin/difference ideal.log candidate.log
sort -n ideal.log.absolute
bin/add-x < ideal.log.absolute > absolute.plot
sort -n ideal.log.relative
bin/add-x < ideal.log.relative > relative.plot
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