Commit 27bac658 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Fix merge error; kill off UUID checks again.

parent 5dbe2c00
......@@ -167,25 +167,6 @@ if (exists($ENV{'PATH_INFO'}) && $ENV{'PATH_INFO'} ne "") {
# The UUID of the client certificate is in the env var SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_CN.
# If it actually looks like a UUID, then this correponds to an actual user,
# and the supplied credentials/tickets must match. At present, if there is
# no UUID, it is another emulab making a request directly, with no user
# context, and we just let that pass for now.
if (exists($ENV{'SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_CN'}) &&
$ENV{'SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_CN'} =~ /^\w+\-\w+\-\w+\-\w+\-\w+$/) {
elsif (defined($MODULE) && ($MODULE eq $AM_MODULE)) {
# Do not expect a UUID if calling to the AM.
else {
XMLError(XMLRPC_APPLICATION_ERROR(), "Invalid certificate; no UUID");
# The CERT data from apache holds the URN of the caller.
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