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Remove this file since on uses it and it needs to be written in PERL.

parent 2b89effa
# checkowner.tcl <pid> <eid> <nodes...>
# This script verifies that all nodes in <nodes...> belong to the specified
# pid and eid. It prints out error messages to stdout and exit's with the
# number of incorrect nodes.
### Bootstrapping code. The whole purpose of this is to find the
# directory containing the script.
set file [info script]
while {![catch "file readlink $file" newfile]} {
set file $newfile
set scriptdir [file dirname $file]
if {$scriptdir == "."} {set scriptdir [pwd]}
set updir [file dirname $scriptdir]
if {[file exists $updir/lib/]} {
# dev tree
load $updir/lib/
} else {
# install tree
load $updir/
set DB [sql connect]
sql selectdb $DB tbdb
if {$argc < 3} {
puts stderr "Syntax: $argv0 <pid> <eid> <nodes...>"
exit 1
set pid [lindex $argv 0]
set eid [lindex $argv 1]
set errcount 0
foreach node [lrange $argv 2 end] {
sql query $DB "select pid,eid from reserved where node_id=\"$node\""
set t [sql fetchrow $DB]
sql endquery $DB
if {$t == {}} {
puts "$node: not reserved"
incr errcount
} elseif {[lindex $t 0] != $pid || [lindex $t 1] != $eid} {
puts "$node: eid: ($eid $pid) != ($t)"
incr errcount
exit $errcount
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