Commit 26d0be70 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Fix a typo ("version" -> "vers") in code that shouldn't be getting called

anyway due to lack of IsTemplateInstanceExperiment() function.  The function
exists in, but is not exported.

Since I'm not sure what is going on, I have just changed the "if (Is...)"
to "if (0 && Is...)".
parent 552fb39b
......@@ -166,10 +166,10 @@ $EUID = $UID = $unix_uid;
$ENV{'USER'} = $creator;
$ENV{'LOGNAME'} = $creator;
if (IsTemplateInstanceExperiment($exptidx)) {
if (0 && IsTemplateInstanceExperiment($exptidx)) {
my ($guid, $vers);
if (MapExptidxtoTemplate($exptidx, \$guid, \$version) < 0) {
if (MapExptidxtoTemplate($exptidx, \$guid, \$vers) < 0) {
die("*** $0:\n".
" Error mapping experiment to its template!\n");
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