Commit 26880ebd authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Tweaks to iperf makefile (and caller makefile) to avoid GNU vs. BSD make

issues.  This setup worked for me on FBSD 4&5, RHL9 and FC4.
parent 2c9ae239
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ control-install: binaries
client: all
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -C iperf
$(MAKE) -C iperf client
client-install: client
@if test ! -x '/usr/local/bin/rude' -o \
......@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@ client-install: client
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -C iperf client-install
$(MAKE) -C iperf client-install
rm -f *.o $(TESTS) $(SCRIPT) $(SCRIPT_RUN) weblinktest linktest_control
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -C iperf clean
$(MAKE) -C iperf clean
......@@ -16,27 +16,33 @@ all: src/emulab-iperf
include $(TESTBED_SRCDIR)/GNUmakerules
# Next two rules for linux, where make=gmake.
%-am: force
make $(MAKEFLAGS) -f Makefile $@
%-am: Makefile force
$(MAKE) -f Makefile $@
%-recursive: force
make $(MAKEFLAGS) -f Makefile $@
%-recursive: Makefile force
$(MAKE) -f Makefile $@
src/emulab-iperf: iperf-2.0.2 config.status build-iperf
make $(MAKEFLAGS) -f Makefile all
build-iperf: Makefile
$(MAKE) -f Makefile all
make $(MAKEFLAGS) -f Makefile install
client: all
client-install: Makefile
$(MAKE) -f Makefile install
# Note: GNU make wants to pass options in MAKEFLAGS (w) that are compatible
# with BSD make. So we just force configure to assume/use gmake for BSD.
MAKE=$(MAKE) $(SRCDIR)/iperf-2.0.2/configure
make $(MAKEFLAGS) -f Makefile clean
clean: Makefile
$(MAKE) -f Makefile clean
Makefile: config.status
force: ;
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