Commit 266ba53d authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

Fix trunk port native vlan membership portset (bitmask) logic.

parent 1d526637
......@@ -1874,11 +1874,12 @@ sub enablePortTrunking2($$$$) {
# was requested, and untagged if not. Refuse to do this if the
# requested vlan is vlan 1.
if ($native_vlan != 1) {
# Next, add it as tagged if 'dual' mode, untagged if 'equal' mode.
# Next, add it as untagged if 'dual' mode, tagged if 'equal' mode.
my $portmask = $self->convertIfindexesToBitmask([$pifindex]);
my $allzeromask = pack("B*", "00000000" x length($portmask));
my $ubitmask = $equalmode ? $allzeromask : $portmask;
if ($self->setPortMembership("on", $portmask, $ubitmask,
my ($vlebits, $vlubits) = $self->getMemberBitmask($native_ifindex,1);
my $ubitmask = $equalmode ? $vlubits : ($vlubits | $portmask);
my $ebitmask = $vlebits | $portmask;
if ($self->setPortMembership("on", $ebitmask, $ubitmask,
$native_ifindex) != 0) {
warn "$id: ERROR: Could not add port $port to vlan ".
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