Commit 262fa6be authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson

Remove unnecessary scripts from subboss-install target

parent 4f2d3b19
......@@ -26,6 +26,15 @@ SCRIPTS = $(addprefix $(SRCDIR)/, \
rc.tiptunnels rc.trace rc.motelog rc.fakejail \
SUBBOSS_SCRIPTS = $(addprefix $(SRCDIR)/, \
rc.config rc.misc rc.route \
rc.tunnels rc.ifconfig rc.delays rc.hostnames \
rc.syncserver rc.linkagent rc.mkelab rc.localize \
rc.keys rc.trafgen rc.tarfiles rc.rpms rc.progagent \
rc.startcmd rc.simulator rc.firewall \
rc.tiptunnels rc.trace rc.motelog rc.fakejail \
rc.tpmsetup rc.mksubboss)
include $(OBJDIR)/Makeconf
......@@ -46,5 +55,6 @@ script-install:
subboss-script-install: script-install
$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) $(SRCDIR)/rc.mksubboss $(BINDIR)/rc
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