Commit 2515730b authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Attempted fix for code to determine the (server) mountpoint of a directory.

Previously we used a hack that just assumed the first component of the path
was the mount point, now we actually gather and parse mount info from the
file server.
parent c6430fe1
......@@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ my $lockfile = "/var/tmp/testbed_exports_lockfile";
my $dbg = 0;
my @row;
# For determining file server mountpoints (XXX BSD specific)
my $MOUNTPROG = "/sbin/mount";
my $EXPORT_PAT = q(on ([\S]+)\s\(.*NFS exported.*\));
# We don't want to run this script unless its the real version.
......@@ -175,6 +179,8 @@ my %lastfslist = ();
my $lastpid = "";
my $lastgid = "";
my @mountpoints = fsinit();
# For each node:
# determine the list of directories accessible
# split the list into sublists based on filesystems
......@@ -333,21 +339,35 @@ sub fatal {
# Return a unique (per-FS) string identifying the filesystem of
# the given path.
# Get mount info from the FS node and use that to determine actual mount
# points for exported filesystems. We generate a list of mount points from
# longest to shortest so that we will match the most specific one in fsof.
# XXX for the moment, we just return the first component of the path
# assuming everything is mounted at the top level. Clearly this needs
# to be fixed.
sub fsinit() {
my @rawmounts;
foreach my $mount (split('\n', `$SSH $MOUNTPROG`)) {
if ($mount =~ /$EXPORT_PAT/) {
push(@rawmounts, $1);
sub revlen { length($b) <=> length($a) };
return sort revlen @rawmounts;
# Fixing probably involves either parsing the output of mount or df to
# compare against or using $dev as returned by the stat call. Both of
# these options require ssh callouts to the ops node where the actual
# filesystems are.
# Return a unique (per-FS) string identifying the filesystem of
# the given path.
sub fsof($) {
my($path) = @_;
$path =~ s#^(/[^/]*).*#$1#;
return $path;
foreach my $mount (@mountpoints) {
if ($path =~ /^$mount/) {
return $mount;
print "WARNING: exports_setup: could not find FS for $path\n";
return "";
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