Commit 250f9c20 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Major reorg of deleteuser page. Dump the old rmacct-ctrl (finally!)

and replace with script to delete a user, either from a single project
or from the entire testbed. All of the DB stuff is done in the script;
the web interface no longer does anything but error checks. This is
because removing a user requires some finess in when things are
removed, and if there are any failures I wanted to make sure that the
script could be rerun on a user, without barfing.

Add lots of error checks to make sure not deleting a user who is
"important" (project head, group head, experiment head, etc).

Add "request" mode. If a project leader deletes a user from his
project, and the user has no more project memberships, show a click
button to send us email requesting the user be deleted from the

Bottom line, project leaders can now delete users from their project,
but must ask us to delete the account from the testbed.
parent 81f3778d
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......@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ flush();
# in the group. This is the same script that gets run when the group
# is first created.
SUEXEC($uid, $unix_gid, "websetgroups -a -p $pid $modusers", 1);
SUEXEC($uid, $unix_gid, "websetgroups -p $pid $modusers", 1);
echo "<br><br>
......@@ -301,20 +301,10 @@ SHOWGROUP($pid, $gid);
# An edit option.
# Back to ...
echo "<br><center>
<A href='editgroup_form.php3?pid=$pid&gid=$gid'>Edit</a> this Group?
# A delete option, but not for the default group!
if (! $defaultgroup) {
echo "<p>
<A href='deletegroup.php3?pid=$pid&gid=$gid'>Delete</a> this Group?
echo "<br>
<A href='showgroup.php3?pid=$pid&gid=$gid'>Back to Group page</a>\n";
# Standard Testbed Footer
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