Commit 24b76052 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Put initial root pubkey into the DB (into the sitevar I created a

couple of weeks ago) so that tmcd can return the pubkey for image
parent 0a3d5b65
...@@ -699,6 +699,17 @@ Phase "ssh", "Setting up root ssh from boss to ops", sub { ...@@ -699,6 +699,17 @@ Phase "ssh", "Setting up root ssh from boss to ops", sub {
DoneIfExists($ROOT_PRIVKEY); DoneIfExists($ROOT_PRIVKEY);
ExecQuietFatal("$SSH_KEYGEN -t rsa1 -P '' -f $ROOT_PRIVKEY"); ExecQuietFatal("$SSH_KEYGEN -t rsa1 -P '' -f $ROOT_PRIVKEY");
}; };
# Stick it into the DB.
# WARNING: This sitevar (node/ssh_pubkey) is referenced in tmcd.c
Phase "sitevar", "Inserting pubkey into DB", sub {
my $pubkey = `cat $ROOT_PUBKEY`;
chomp $pubkey;
ExecQuietFatal("echo \"update sitevariables set value='$pubkey' ".
" where name='node/ssh_pubkey'\" | ".
Phase "ssh", "Editing ssh config file", sub { Phase "ssh", "Editing ssh config file", sub {
DoneIfEdited($SSH_CONFIG); DoneIfEdited($SSH_CONFIG);
AppendToFileFatal($SSH_CONFIG, AppendToFileFatal($SSH_CONFIG,
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