Commit 23d4e4ad authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Fix the message below the expt table per Mike's nit about formatting.

parent d6b4abd2
......@@ -767,7 +767,7 @@ function SHOWEXPLIST($type,$id) {
echo "<tr>$pidrow
<th align=center>Nodes</th>
<th align=center>Nodes*</th>
<th align=center>Hours Idle</th>
......@@ -804,9 +804,12 @@ function SHOWEXPLIST($type,$id) {
echo "</table>\n";
echo "<font size=-1 color=blue>Node counts in blue show a rough \n".
"estimate of the minimum number of nodes required to swap in.\n".
"It does not account for node types, etc.</font>\n";
echo "<center><font size=-1><b>*</b> Node counts in \n".
"<font color=blue><b>blue</b></font>\n".
"show a rough estimate of the minimum number of \n".
"nodes required to swap in.\n".
"<br>They account for delay nodes, but not for node \n".
"types, etc.</font></center>\n";
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