Commit 23c5d078 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
Browse files Make error message follow context.

This will help with debugging.
parent 19edc227
......@@ -1959,7 +1959,9 @@ sub setChannelVlan($$$;$) {
my $vlifname = "vlan$vlanid";
my ($res, $out) = $self->{EXP_OBJ}->doCLICmd($cmd, $isconfig, $vlifname);
if ($res) {
warn "$id: Error adding vlan to channel: $out\n";
my $msg = $remove ? "Error removing vlan $vlanid from channel $poname" :
"Error adding vlan $vlanid to channel $poname";
warn "$id: $msg: $out\n";
return $res;
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