Commit 235dd4a5 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Do not throw a DB error when entering link agents on nodes that define

multiple interfaces in the same lan. Note that this does not make a lot
of sense in a typical IP client (same subnet on multiple interfaces),
but there are some cases (Powder) where it does make sense.
parent 32b265cc
......@@ -4306,7 +4306,7 @@ sub SetupNetworkAgents($)
$agentname = "${vlanname}-${vnode}";
DBQueryFatal("insert into virt_agents ".
DBQueryFatal("replace into virt_agents ".
" (exptidx, pid, eid, vname, vnode, objecttype) ".
" select '$idx', '$pid', '$eid', ".
" '$agentname', '*', ".
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