Commit 22b653d0 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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chmod the php temp file so that the webcopy script, which runs as the

user, can read it.

At Leigh's suggestion, wrap the filenames in escapeshellarg() to make
the call to SUEXEC safer.
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......@@ -1215,10 +1215,13 @@ if (isset($_FILES['upload_file']) &&
# Taint check shell arguments always!
$errors["Image File"] = "Invalid characters";
} else {
# So that the webcopy, running as the user, can read the file
# Note - the script we call takes care of making sure that the local
# filename is in /proj or /groups
$retval = SUEXEC($uid, "$pid,$unix_gid", "webcopy $tmpfile $localfile",
$retval = SUEXEC($uid, "$pid,$unix_gid",
"webcopy " . escapeshellarg($tmpfile) . " " . escapeshellarg($localfile),
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