Commit 20dd2416 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor cleanup

parent 05bd80ff
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ if (strcmp($expstate, $TB_EXPTSTATE_NEW) &&
echo "<table cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' border='0' class='stealth'>
<tr><td class='stealth' width='32'>&nbsp;</td>
<td class='stealth'><center>
<img src='top2image.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid&zoom=$zoom&detail=$detail' align=center />
<img src='top2image.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid&zoom=$zoom&detail=$detail' align=center>
zoom: ";
if ($zoom == 1.00) {
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