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Add a warning about a problem where control-net firewalls clash with Windows swap-ins.

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......@@ -266,6 +266,23 @@ href="../tutorial/docwrapper.php3?docname=firewall.html#Use"> style keyword
$fw set-style basic
<div style="margin-left: 40px;"> <b>NOTE:</b> There is currently a problem
which makes swapping-in Windows nodes behind a control-net firewall take
longer or fail, especially on the pc850's. <p>
Details: DHCP packets aren't passed until the firewall node is loaded with
FreeBSD and started up. That takes 3-4 minutes on a pc850 and leaves the
Windows nodes in the FreeBSD PXE-loader image waiting for DHCP. Periodically,
they time-out and reload the PXE-loader, which adds up to another minute after
the firewall node is up, if you're unlucky. <p>
After 10 minutes in the reloading state, Emulab gives up and reboots the node
to try again, even if Frisbee is working hard and nearly done. 5-6 minutes is
hardly enough time to Frisbee a WINXP image into a pc850. Either the image
load time-out needs to be extended in experiments that have a firewall
configured, or the load timer shouldn't start ticking until the firewall is
up. </div>
The <i>Windows Firewall</i> software is installed in WINXP-SP2 and
WINXP-UPDATE images, but disabled to allow RDP and SSH access to Windows
nodes. <p>
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