Commit 20bf00b9 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

The entire example NS file from the tutorial, simply for completeness.

parent 823948d0
# This is a simple ns script. Comments start with #.
set ns [new Simulator]
# define the 4 nodes in the topology.
set NodeA [$ns node]
set NodeB [$ns node]
set NodeC [$ns node]
set NodeD [$ns node]
# Next define the 3 links between the nodes.
$ns duplex-link $NodeA $NodeB 100Mb 50ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $NodeB $NodeC 100Mb .1ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $NodeB $NodeD 100Mb .1ms DropTail
# Set the OS on a couple.
tb-set-node-os $NodeA FBSD40-STD
tb-set-node-os $NodeC RHL62-STD
# Set IP address of node B on the port going to node C
tb-set-ip-interface $NodeB $NodeC
# Go!
$ns run
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